The order was to design a system which could handle multiple screens in the same time, switching variety of videos so that visitors won't see the same looping composition.


Technically the best way was to pre-render a video with 1h length, however there were only a week left until when I first got this offer, and nothing was planned. So I designed a system that could run multiple 6K videos in real-time, and made it crop based on the screen location to make each screens continues.


Also randomizing the video switch was operated on my system. Additional to that I had to build a PC that could handle outputting numerous videos in the same time handling this system.



When I joined this project, the diagram was already decided to be as following. 16 LCDs mounted on the wall with different orientation.

NIKE Just do it Studio

Multi Screen Operation

6K Real-time

Custom Software

NIKE opened a temporary workout session studio called "JUST DO IT STUDIO" in Shibuya, Tokyo between August 13th ~ September 2nd. This stuido was designed for the visitors to enjoy a variety of sports from morning to night to suit the lifestyle in Tokyo.


We as CEKAI designed the media wall, including the animation influenced by NIKE's tagline to the movement, and projected those in 16 different LCD screen.


Graphic Designer : MACCIU
Motion Designer : Kota iguchi
Technical Director : Takuma Nakata

Architects : Daisuke Motogi (DDAA/ CEKAI) 
Producer : Taro Mikami

Other List

Creative Direction : NIKE
Architects : JJP

Production Manager : Yukihiko Honda
Production Assistant : Hikari Suzuki
Photo : NIKE