Designed and developed by Takuma Nakata

Music by Inner Science


Exhibition held at Kagan Hotel B1 Gallery

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 After a while, I started dropping my Signed Coral C // series as an NFT on to sell it as an digital art piece. This was a great moment since while my solo exhibition, I couldn't figure out a way to sell these recorded C's. They are fully organic, made inside my screen. And by recording them, putting their data into media player, and displaying them on a screen, sounded like it's getting too far from where they used to be.

 NFT has so far for me been the closest and the best platform to sell these screen space organic C's.

You can reach my NFT auction at the following links.

Foundation >

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My first ever exhibition ran for 28days during COVID-19. I had 4 piece of Signed Coral C // in a pair with a printed edition of a generative coral environment generated using various technique.

Signed Coral C //

FLOAT solo Exhibition

 At the end of 2020, I held my first ever solo exhibition at Kagan Hotel Kyoto. Including some of the printed edition of my Daily Generative Graphics, I additionally designed this fully procedural / generative digital being series called Signed Coral C // Heteroconger hassi, hepatus, and percula.

 The initial idea was to design a fully digital creatures that can only live inside machines. No vertices, no faces. No actual data that describes the shape of it self, but being shaped by designing atmospheric data such as Signed Distance Field and 3D vector field. To briefly explain, their shape morph from moment to moment with randomly generated "wind like" data, and without this "wind like" data their just one single line.

 COVID-19 has effected my mind, in a way that made me realize we humans are strongly influenced by the environment. Safe environment, physical connection is necessary to shape our mind and soul. There is no actual self that we can strongly say "this is me". Our personality can easily change, depending on who, where, what and how we interact with. 


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My father bought
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petit Projection

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