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VJ : Takahiro Yasuda

VJ : Yohsuke Chiai

VJ : Kanta Mochida

VJ System : Takuma Nakata


Creative Direction : CEKAI

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 A translucent screen standing in front of the DJ had 2 effect, 1 was to give a physical depth to the zoetrope effect, and the other was to showcase a pre-produced video while the actors were changing their set. 

 I developed a system that caches video frames sent by the VJs, and draws the past and current frames in succession on 24 planes arranged in a circle. Rotating this plane with the right adjustment of the frame rate, created this interesting effect that could convert any VJ material as a zoetrope. Increasing or decreasing the frame rate of the software could also make it look like the zoetrope was played back and forth. 



I was in charge of the technical direction for the physical event held at WWWX in Shibuya to celebrate the arrival of AIR VaportMax.

 The video and other materials CEKAI produced and released prior to the event were based on the theme of zoetrope, therefor I followed that concept in the stage direction and developed a video system with a virtual zoetrope effect to convert any incoming video to an immersive zoetrope visual.

Transparent Screen

Zoetrope System

Custom Software

Signed Coral C //

Fully Generative Creature

Synesthesia Hills

Immersive Illumination Direction


Full Album Music Video

Projection Mapping

My internship memory

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