8K video shoot & Director : Yoshihiro Enatsu
8K real-time system : Takuma Nakata

8K editing : Yohsuke Chiai
Graphic Design : Yoshiko Akita
Music composed by : Masaaki Enatsu

Midi data generated by various studens


Supported by HP Japan

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During this project, behind the scene of the whole creation was captured by HP. Here are some still images...



I took part to create 8K system that runs in real-time. This system imports various 8K video footage in real-time, and switches between each by analyzing the midi signal generated by students. Those particles seen in the footage emits by detecting the optical flow from the dancers, using GPGPU. glitch, slitscan effects, texts we're all generated in real-time.

Machine : HP Z8 G4

CPU:Intel Xeon 8160 2.1 2666MHz 24C CPU x2 (48core)
RAM : 96GB (12x8GB) DDR42666 ECC
STORAGE : 1TB 7200 RPM SATA 1st HDD, Highpoint NVMeSSD RAID Card with RAID0 8TB
GPU : Quadro RTX4000 x 1, GeForce 2080 Ti x 1
OS : Windows10 Pro for Workstations Plus

HP Project Z

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Real-time 8K Audio Visual Installation supported by HP Japan

What if Mozart was alive - With full support by HP Japan, 3 different artist including Takuma Nakata (Real-time Graphics) Enatsu Yoshihiro (8K Video Shooting) Enatsu Masaaki (Immersive Audio),  created this immersive 8K live footage together with local High School Students.

17 passionate highschool students joined the project to come up with new score based on more than 700 scores by Morzart. By using Machine Learning to mix different scores by Morzart they came up with this music score - Ten Million Nights.

Project Details in Japanese : https://www.techdevicetv.com/event/project_z/


Software : custom made using vvvv
Music : Ten Million Nights

8K real-time visual

Supported by HP

Custom Software

Signed Coral C //

Fully Generative Creature

Synesthesia Hills

Immersive Illumination Direction


Full Album Music Video

Projection Mapping

My internship memory

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