Director : Takuma Nakata

Concept Art : Haruka Yamagishi

VR Drawing : Aubrie Bastian

Video Edit : Yohsuke Chiai

Music : Inner Science


Client : TOYOTA

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Following is the message written by the winner.

"My father bought my mother a car"

According to her message, we decided to trace the story of her family based on her local culture, and started building the story board.

Before getting in to VR drawing, we had to do some research of VR drawings to find the best way to achieve the whole story. Worlds in Worlds from Goro Fujita gave us the right image of what we were trying to do.



Final result was an installation during the Award Ceremony. We made an interactive system that each page of the book reacts to the specific scene in the video.

My father bought
my mother a car

Dream Car Art Contest

Directed a VR Painted animation footage for TOYOTA Dream Car Art Contest 2017

As like 2016, I was asked by TOYOTA to create the prize for the Prime Minister Award Winner.  This year the winner was a 4 years old girl from Bolivia, and her drawing was very abstract. 

Designing this kind of animation in CG software sounded very tough for me to work on, so I decided to use the VR Painting tool from Oculus Story Studio called Quill, to represent her drawing style still in a CG animation. 

Oculus Quill

Story Telling

Interactive Book

Signed Coral C //

Fully Generative Creature

Synesthesia Hills

Immersive Illumination Direction


Full Album Music Video

Projection Mapping

My internship memory

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