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Director : Kota Iguchi (CEKAI)

Research & Development : Takuma Nakata

Typography : Ryu Mieno


Custom Software made with vvvv beta

Other List







Some early stage prototype.

Trying to figure an interesting pattern.



There we're basically 4 different functions I had to implement.

1, Function to proceduraly generates particles based on the input image. This was designed so that I didn't had to reproduce the particles when ever the director wanted some changes.

2, Function to repeat a single video pattern infinitely. This allowed us to have this infinite zooming out visual.

3, Function to import 5K images without causing any frame drop. This had to be done due to the scale of the first frame. To achieve this idea, I used texture format called DDS to store image sequence into GPU.

4, Non linear camera animation.

Motion Textile 1

Lumine Meets Art

The challenge was to figure out the way to create an infinite textile pattern using motion graphics. On late 2016, I started working on this research project by using vvvv to proceduraly test different methods. The final result was rendered through vvvv and captured as a full hd video.

Pattern Generator

5000px x 5000px

Custom Software

Signed Coral C //

Fully Generative Creature

Synesthesia Hills

Immersive Illumination Direction


Full Album Music Video

Projection Mapping

My internship memory

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