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Director : Takuma Nakata

Art Director : Haruka Yamagishi

Technical Support : Sone Takaaki

Main Content Motion : Yohsuke Chiai

Light Hardware : Akihiro Murayama

Logo Design : CEKAI


Produced by Kato Pleasure Group

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We had many interesting ideas that didn't turn out to be real, but here are the sketches we made through our development process.





There were many things we had to develop, such as a motion sensor that could be durable outdoors, and a design for a light bulb with rain protection. 

For the outdoor sensors, we modified some of the already reliable and proven security sensors so that the information could be acquired by a PC, and for the lighting, we used Phillips HUE, which can change color via wifi, and zoned it to each area so that no more wires than for electrical work were needed. 

The main content was also designed to run for at least five years, so we used HP workstations to ensure a durable hardware setup for long-term operation.



 In directing a large scale illumination, there were many things that had to be designed in advance. Among them, the design of the overall color flow was particularly important. 

By specifying the flow of colors in advance, it was easier to discuss what we wanted the visitors to experience in each area. 

Also rendering scenes in 3D to share what exactly the experience is going to be, helped me communication with other who have no idea what was going to happen.