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Designed & Developed by Takuma Nakata

Stage Art : Amelie Satzger (Photo Artist)

Waterfall Video : Yohsuke Chiai

Interaction Design Support : Eric Forman

Archive Video Edit : Daichi Ito

Photo : Jessica Zollman


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In the early stage, several potential locations were proposed. Based on my observations of the past MAX Bash, I proposed multiple exhibition plans that could maximize the effect without interfering the traffic flow. As a result, the tent, which had not been a candidate at the earlier stage, was chosen as the final exhibition site because it was the best fit in terms of scale and flow.

Once we decided the location, I made a small research using google maps and so on to dedicate the traffic flow to design the interaction which was broke it down into five stages "finding the screen" "finding the stage" "getting on the stage" "dancing on the stage" and "getting off the stage".





In order to make it work, I built a specific PC for this exhibition.

Windows 10 Pro
Nvidia 1080Ti GPU
Intel 9700K CPU

In this exhibition, I used a device called Kinect v2 from Microsoft for motion tracking. Since this hardware can detect up to 6 people, I invited friends to pre-record various motions using Kinect Studio to verified the operation of the device under multiple audience.

In the graphical side, I used the boundary of the audience's limbs to generate human shaped graphics, and applied various effects such as Field Trip packs, Spline Buffer and convex hull to employ organically changing graphics. The final software was tested to run at least three days to make sure it wouldn't crash during the exhibition.