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Generative Graphics : Takuma Nakata
Visual Development :  Yohsuke Chiai

360RA Plugin Development : Sagar Pater



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The 360RA Dome is an exhibition that uses a large number of speakers and multiple projectors to create an immersive music and visual experience. Vocals move from right to left, top to down, while other sounds are heard from all over the place.

This is a technology that gives a completely new experience of live performance, in which familiar music appears with a completely new image. For this reason, it was necessary to constantly simulate the space while creating images without being overly assertive in terms of visuals, for example by directing the space to the extent that the audience would not get intoxicated.


Something in the Water

Appreciate the full-heaven video as the sound floats in three dimensions.

Musician, producer and entrepreneur Pharrell Williams held a huge music festival in Vernia Beach on the East Coast of the United States. SONY, a sponsor of the event, set up a booth in a dome tent using a brand new technology called 360 Reality Audio.

Me and Yosuke Chiai we're given the opportunity to interpret and visualize the music of such pious artists as Moon Light by 'Grave VandelWaal', No chance by 'Jarami', This feeling by 'The Chainsmokers'  and Yellow Light by 'Pharell Williams'.

Unlike the image seen on the screen, the animation of objects appearing from the left, right, and top and bottom cannot be used in the global video. For this reason, four different types of animation were used to create the overall effect: the sky, the earth, and a gradual increase in size from the back to the front.

The gradated images designed by Yohsuke Chiai were always laid out in the background, like the aurora borealis pouring down from the heavens, with a hexagonal object in front of it, reminiscent of the original shape of the dome. In the foreground, 360RA's signature moving sound as an object, while the party-like lines in front of it rise from the bottom to the top in time with the beat.

Since it was necessary to place the music video for The Chainsmokers, the colors and animations are slightly different from the others.

4K 360 Video

Real-time Graphics


Signed Coral C //

Fully Generative Creature