Director : Takuma Nakata

Music : Takuma Nakata


Unreal Engine
Quixel Megascan
vvvv beta
Logic Pro

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This entire scene was created inside Unreal Engine, and assets from Quixel Megascan.

The images on the surface of the cube were initially intended to be colorful motifs drifting under the influence of the wind, but I decided to use black and white to balance with the landscape. Due to this reason I switched to an expression that reacts to sound and motion that reminds an old time computer-ish visual.

I used NDI to send visuals between vvvv and Unreal Engine, receiving that, sticking it on top of the black cube to make it fully generative. And then rendered those out frame by frame to make it as a video.

Slumbers Valley


As COVID-19 disaster hit, we all were cut off from the reality, especially since designing interactive installations was my specialty, the damage was huge. On the other hand, 2020 was a precious period of time where I could focus on my own creativity. It was a year in which I started daily real-time graphics series on social (see Research) in order to improve my graphical skill, and worked hard to learn new tools such as Unreal Engine and Blender. This work was born at the end of the year 2020, after all that time.

Here is my thought "If there is no reality, why not create my own space that looks real. Such space should allow me to exhibit anything, anytime, and because you have the power to re-design the landscape, the result could truly be called your own exhibition". I decided to call this idea a [Procedural Landscape] , and this Slumber's Valley is the first work out.

Slumber representing the situation being locked down, and the Valley represent the city with no visitor. The wind blows strong, and motifs related to my hobby and memories  are scattered all over the space. The black box at the top of the hill is my desktop machine which I've been facing every day, and on its surface there is a real-time graphics projected, which this is also something I've been generating every day.

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petit Projection

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