Direction : Takuma Nakata

Photo & Video : Yasuyuki Kanazawa (ONI)

Web & App : Shuto Mikami

Motion Design : Yohsuke Chiai

System Development : Enrique Arce Gutierrez

3D Animation : Haruka Yamagishi

Soundscape Design : Inner Science

Logo Design : ARMA


Sponsored by HP

Sponsored by RICOH

Produced by Nara TOKAE Organization

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In order to create a buzz, we also created a public webpage in advance. 

This was our first attempt and we did not know how many visitors we could expect. In addition, since this was a paid zone set up in the originally free Toka-kai, it was an attempt to attract attention in advance.



It was very important to manage the wiring because we had to try to link various performances to the vast area of the site, and since it was risky to use wireless technology for the Toka-kai, which would be visited by one million people in ten days, we wired LAN cables everywhere to link the performances. 

It was also a very large scale project, as we had to contact various organizations and ask them to rent or sponsor the equipment.

System of the East


 In 2014, I directed an installation in the vast garden of the Nara International Conference Center (now known as "Iraka"), where a series of fantastic candles were displayed from Nara Station to Todaiji Temple.

 We wanted to use the latest technology to decorate the garden without losing the fantastic atmosphere, so we combined a variety of technologies jn a way technology could be hidden. 

The work that caught the most attention from the audience was this work that resembled a white deer from an ancient story were god rode him and started Heijo-kyo . Mist was burned in a part of the deep garden, and the silhouette of a white deer was projected from the back, making it look as if a white deer had landed there. The mist fluttering in the wind made the silhouette of the deer change from moment to moment, adding to the fantastic atmosphere.

 We also implemented projection mapping on a 12-meter wall with the help of Ricoh, and a DMX-controlled lighting system in the garden that allowed visitors to put their hands inside the altar and control it.

Mist Projection

DMX Light Up

Custom Software

Signed Coral C //

Fully Generative Creature

Synesthesia Hills

Immersive Illumination Direction


Full Album Music Video

Projection Mapping

My internship memory

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